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Watch Sebastian Janikowski Tie An NFL Kicking Record With 63 Yard Field Goal

The Oakland Raiders beat the Denver Broncos, and it turns out Sebastian Janikowski was the difference. The Polish Cannon boomed kicks from 37 and 21 yards, and the Raiders managed a 23-20 victory.

Oh, and he had one from 63 yards, tying an NFL record for longest field goal ever (with Jason Elam of the Broncos and Tom Dempsey of the Saints). Margin of victory, eh? Video after the jump, courtesy of Timothy Burke of SportsGrid.

It's still going to be hard for anyone to really beat Tom Dempsey in my eyes. The man kicked a 63 yard field goal with a club kicking foot. That's still one of the most incredible feats in any sporting event.

What Janikowski did was really cool though. The man probably could kick 70 yard field goals if the Raiders coaching staff would just turn him loose. Oakland might break the spirits of their opponents if they just get to midfield, 'Alright, turn out SeaBass, let him kill this one, then let's all get kielbasa for dinner.'

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