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Terrelle Pryor Refutes Wonderlic Score Of 7, Claims He Scored 22

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You figure it wouldn't be long before Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor would go on record and make a comment on what a beat reporter believe his Wonderlic Score would be. Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel claimed Pryor scored a 7 on the test, which would provide a great example of confirmation bias for NFL fans everywhere ("Oh, look at that Pryor, he's a trouble-maker! A dummy! A trouble-making dummy!"). 

Pryor had this to say:

Funny thing is I scored a 22 on my Wonderlic. Get it right ask

One of these two is a phony! A big fat phony! Or maybe not?

McGinn said that Pryor did indeed get a 20-something score on his Wonderlic test, but only after taking the test multiple times. Here is the report.

Using information obtained from NFL personnel people, Pryor answered 48 of the 50 questions in the 12-minute test and got 7 correct. That was on Aug. 20 during his pro day before 17 NFL teams at Hempfield High School in Pennsylvania.

On Aug. 21, Pryor answered 46 of the 50 questions and got 21 correct.

The NFL average on the Wonderlic test is about 19, but the average for quarterbacks probably is in the mid-20s.

On Aug. 22, the Oakland Raiders drafted Pryor in the third round of the supplemental draft.

I don't know what this all means. Is this bad? Will the NCAA put him on probation or something?

My analysis of all of this: James Jones and Brandon Mebane got 10 or lower on their tests, and they turned out alright. Dan Marino ended up with 16. They ended up alright. The Wonderlic is far from the be-all, end-all in predicting whether a player will pan out in the pros. So Pryor is not doomed.

He's just going to be made fun of for being dumb, because that's what sports fans tend to do when they converse with one another about athletes in a position of weakness.