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Oakland Raiders Save the Tough Roster Decisions for After the Last Preseason Game

Some teams made big splashes with their roster moves this week (Dallas cutting a five time pro bowler comes to mind), but the Raiders chose to go another route. Rather than cutting notable names this week, the Raiders opted to simply cut those players who really had no chance of making the 53 man roster in the first place. Of those cut, only Josh Bullocks is notable and only because he is a six year veteran that the Raiders signed after the injury to Hiram Eugene.

When the next cut is made, however, the Raiders will have some serious decisions to make. Specifically, the Raiders have some tough decisions with regards to their cornerbacks, runningbacks and wide receivers. All three of these positions still have a very large number of players signed:

9 cornerbacks
7 runningbacks
11 wide receivers

There is simply no way the team goes into the season with those numbers at those positions. Cornerback will likely be the most intriguing position to watch. The Raiders are very weak at the position after losing Nnamdi Asomugha and are struggling to find players deserving of playing time.

Expect players on the bubble to get a good amount of playing time against the Seahawks on Friday. In order for those players on the bubble to assure themselves of a roster spot, they had better make the most out of this final chance.