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Terrelle Pryor To Play Preseason Finale vs. Seahawks

The "Terrelle Pryor in the NFL" show begins this weekend when the Oakland Raiders take on the Seattle Seahawks this Friday at Qwest Field. NBC's Sunday Night Football confirmed that Pryor will not play tonight, but should be ready for action to take up scrub duty in the finale of the NFL preseason.

Pryor is clearly a project quarterback this season. His role is to take snaps and learn how to operate in a pro-style system after being tossed around in Ohio State. There's no denying Pryor's athleticism, but in almost every other facet of the pro game he is a work in progress. Pryor must work on his ability to make all the throws on the field as well as operating effectively under center.

Trent Edwards and Kyle Boller will be the primary backups to Jason Campbell and should see the early snaps in Friday's game, but Pryor should be the guy who sees most of the second half action. And look on the bright side, depressed NFL fan: If Pryor vs. Josh Portis is happening for long periods of time on your TV screen, you know the football regular season is just around the corner.

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