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Oakland Raiders Preseason Camp: Terrelle Pryor Shaky, McFadden Best Player At Camp

The Oakland Raiders preseason camp is slowly starting to conclude as the season nears. Jerry McDonald of The Oakland Tribune filled fans in with a few updates over Twitter. Here are a few of the more notable tweets:

BLTN Raiders notes: Pryor was shaky passing the ball today. No way around it. Perspective is in order. His first practice with new team.

/Al Davis calls press conference, moves Pryor to long-snapper after bad first day of practice.

Just kidding.

BLTN Raiders notes: Whether he plays in preseason or not, Jacoby Ford looks all the way back. Great post pattern TD from JC today.

Ford has always had the talent to become a solid wide receiver for Oakland. Good to see him playing well in camp.

BLTN Raiders notes: Most outstanding player in Raiders camp _ Darren McFadden. Doesn't matter how much he practices. No one else close.

Not too much of a shocker.

BLTN Raiders notes: Most outstanding newcomer _ WR Denarius Moore . . . yeah, he's tailed off some of late, but at this point could start.

It's probably in the team's best interest to go ahead and start him. What's it going to hurt?

BLTN Raiders notes: Best competition _ not a lot of legitimate competition,but Boller vs. Edwards as No. 2 QB up for grabs.

The best thing about the quarterback "controversy" in Oakland: No Tim Tebow.

BLTN Raiders notes: Most encouraging team-wide sign: Passing game is better _ even without Zach Miller. 

I guess this is a good sign, but 1) it's not like it could get much worse and 2) we'll have to wait and see how the team actually performs in a real game before confirming a big statement like this. Let's all hope it's true, though.

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