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Terrelle Pryor Signs With Oakland Raiders, Will Start Practicing With Team Friday

Yes, Terrelle Pryor is now officially with the Oakland Raiders. It didn't take all that long either. has a picture of Pryor putting his ink on the contract, ensuring he'll be in the Bay Area for quite some time if he performs up to Al Davis's lofty expectations. He's expected to at least receive a half a million guaranteed.

Raiders head coach Hue Jackson has denied that Pryor waited to sign the contract until the time when Raiders practices were closed to the media, thus keeping his starcrossed new quarterback out of the limelight. The timing does seem fortuitous though, and Pryor's absence from the open practices will prevent the inevitable media circus that follows.

Still, no one should expect much this season. Pryor is a long-term project who will need plenty of time to become an NFL-ready quarterback, and his five game suspension at the start of the season won't help matters (he won't be allowed to practice either). He doesn't have all the fundamentals down and most of his skills revolve around his athleticism. Pryor will have to definitely elevate his feel for the game if he plans to pan out.

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