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John Mara Whines About Current Raiders/Former Giants TE Kevin Boss On ESPN Radio

It's that time of year again where NFL management and ownership has to start making their case for their less-than-stellar offseason moves. In the case, it's the New York Giants who seem like the team biting the bullet, as they've already lost two important offensive weapons--wide receiver Steve Smith has move on to the Philadelphia Eagles, while tight end Kevin Boss is headed to the Oakland Raiders.

Here's what Mara had to say about the Boss situation in an interview he did with Mike Lupica on ESPN Radio.

Boss received a four-year deal worth $16 million with $8 million guaranteed.

"We thought we had a deal agreed to," Mara said. "The agent had verbally committed pending Kevin's approval. Kevin was on a plane on his way to the East Coast and while he was on the plane, he hit the lottery and the Raiders came in and basically doubled the money that we were willing to pay."

"They were the only team in the league that was willing to pay more than we were willing and in fact they ended up doubling the guaranteed money," he said.

Implicit translation: How dare Boss take such a deal! Doesn't he believe in honor? Where is his sword? You have to duel this out like men before you can dare leave our little fiefdom! We shall fight on the rooftops of Hoboken to determine whether Sir Boss is worthy of this extra bounty!

Explicit translation: Old man Davis sure got strange ways of spending his money. Think he'll build a moat around the stadium next?

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