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Oakland Raiders' Punter Glenn Pakulak A Self-Proclaimed "Poser"

Raider's punter Glenn Pakulak calls himself a "poser"...a "natural born poser," that is. Those diehard Raider fans already know that their Pakulak is "starring" in Bravo TV's new reality show, "Most Eligible: Dallas." The show follows several Dallas socialites, which for some reason includes Pakulak. The first episode aired two nights ago and there was not much drama about Pakulak besides gratuitous ripped ab shots and him telling audiences how he likes to hunt women for sport like the Predator does top fighters across the galaxies. If this counts as "eligible" for Dallas, I'm thinking they might have some low expectations for life partners around those parts. 

So why does Pakulak call himself a "natural born poser?"

Apparently, one of the subplots for Pakulak during "Most Eligible" is his side gig as a model. Check out why he has to say about himself. Think his teammates think the same about his good looks?

Here's some more information from the first episode of what turns Pakaluk on. Question for the ladies: When watching this, do you think "Where has this man been all my life?" Second Question: Wouldn't you rather have Pro Bowler Shane Lechler?