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Raiders Vs. Cardinals Update: Hiram Eugene Carted Off Field

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The Raiders lost Safety Hiram Eugene just after halftime, and had to be carted off the field. He was in position to make the tackle on the Cardinals' running back Ryan Williams. Williams had made it about eight yards, before Eugene stood him up.

The Cardinals' Deuce Lutui came in to move the pile, but Eugene's leg got caught underneath a falling Deuce Lutui. His left leg pinched, Eugene's body went the wrong way. He had to be carted off the field right away, making it difficult to make a press box diagnosis. As he was placed on the stretcher, they were trying to isolate the knee. 

Deuce Lutui, the Cardinals second round pick in 2006, has been a consistent starter since 2009. Hiram Eugene re-signed this past offseason, and has been considered the starting Raider safety since 2008. An unfortunate accident, especially involving two established players in a pre-season game.

Keep checking back to this stream for updates as his condition is made known. And for more on the Raiders, check out