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2011 NFL Free Agents: Could the Oakland Raiders be Interested in Signing Vince Young

With the news that the Tennessee Titans have released Vince Young, it is not surprising that the Oakland Raiders are being mentioned as a potential suitor. Earlier in the week, there were rumors that the Raiders would be pursuing a quarterback in free agency to give Jason Campbell competition and the Raiders always get linked to players with any kind of off the field issues.

After Jason Campbell had an average first year in Oakland, the Raiders are looking to push him and find out whether or not he is the quarterback to lead the Raiders back to prominence. This is the last year of Jason Campbell’s current contract so its getting close to decision time on the quarterback.

Of the current free agent quarterbacks available, Vince Young is one of the Raiders better options. Marc Bulger is a better quarterback, but he is most likely going to re-sign with the Ravens, and if not it is rumored that he would like to play somewhere in the midwest, closer to where he lives in the off season.

Besides Bulger, Trent Edwards is a logical option considering his roots to the bay area from his days at Stanford. Edwards would come with less risk than Vince Young as he does not have any off the field issues. However, it does not look like he has the potential to be a whole lot better than he has been.

Vince Young is a risk because of the issues he has had off of the field. However, he has shown a lot of promise and could still turn out to be a good NFL quarterback if he could just get his head straight.

Al Davis loves signing troubled players and helping them reach their potential, so perhaps Vince Young could be his next project. Even if Davis does not sign Young, it looks like the departure of Bruce Gradkowski does not mean that Jason Campbell can stop looking over his shoulder.