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Raiders Name Grandmother To Raiderette Cheerleading Squad

Your first quirky storyline of the new season comes courtesy of the Oakland Raiders (h/t Shutdown Corner). The Oakland Raiders cheerleading squad has named 37-year old Susie Sanchez as a member of this year's squad. Ms. Sanchez made it through a process that included 232 women and only 90 seconds to make an impression. She made quite the impression and will join the Raiderettes for the 2011 season. Although it really has no bearing on her abilities as a cheerleader, it's interesting to note she is also a grandmother.

Sanchez is a mother of three and a grandmother of one and is now the second grandmother to join the Raiderettes. However, she is not the oldest cheerleader, an honor which is held by Bengals cheerleader Laura Vikmanis.

Sanchez marks the second interesting story on the newest version of the Raiderettes. In April Bianca La Russa tried out and made the squad. If the last name sounds familiar, it's because she is Tony La Russa's daughter.