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2011 NFL Free Agents: Deangelo Williams Not Headed to Broncos Means Good News for the Oakland Raiders

During the lockout, there was a lot of talk about how the Broncos would be one of the front runners for Deangelo Williams in free agency. Williams is without a doubt the best free agent runningback in this year’s class.

For a Raiders team that is still struggling to solve its problems against the run, having a top tier runningback come to the division would have been a terrible event, even if it was only to the lowly Broncos.

However, Mike Lombardi, of the NFL Network, tweeted earlier this morning that Deangelo Williams will be staying put in Carolina after having come to terms with the team that drafted him. The deal is reportedly a five year deal worth $43 million with $21 million in guaranteed money.

This is good news for the Raiders as it now looks like the Broncos will be stuck with Knowshon Moreno as their starting runningback. Yup, the same Moreno that the Bronco’s brass reportedly thought they had made a mistake in drafting.