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2011 Undrafted Free Agent Signings: Oakland Raiders Rumored to Have Signed 12 Undrafted Free Agents

The Oakland Raiders are rumored to have come to terms with twelve undrafted free agents. Not surprisingly, the Raiders have not confirmed any signings, and it is doubtful they will. That’s just the way Al Davis works.

The list according to rumor is:

Boston College fullback James McCluskey.

SMU cornerback Sterling Moore,

Iowa State center Ben Lamaak,

Auburn safety, Zac Etheridge,

San Jose State quarterback Jordan La Secla,

Nebraska-Kearney defensive end Mason Brodine,

Penn State linebacker Bani Gbadyu,

California (PA) receiver Derrick Jones,

North Carolina offensive lineman Alan Pelc,

Baylor linebacker Chris Francis,

Penn State offensive lineman Lou Eliades,

Illinois receiver/quarterback Eddie McGee.

Now obviously, most of these players will not make the team, or even the practice squad. But there are a few interesting names on the list.

Zac Etheridge is a safety hat played on the national championship Auburn team in 2010. He didn’t have very impressive stats and is a little undersized but something to be said about playing on a national championship team simply for the fact that you can’t win a national championship without good coaching. Hopefully that can translate into a good practice squad player.

Mason Brodine is another small school talent that the Raiders see potential in, a la Jared Veldheer. He had a productive college career and set a school record for sacks.

Bani Gbadyu, linebacker from linebacker U. That along with the fact that the Raiders could use some depth at the linebacker position makes him intriguing.

The two offensive lineman, Alan Pelc and Lou Eliades are worthy of note just because of the immense need along the line.

Again, it is doubtful that many if any of these players will make the team, but hey it’s just exciting to be talking football and not have it be about the lockout.