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2011 Undrafted Free Agent Signings: Raiders Add Bani Gbadyu, Eddie McGee

Now the names are pouring in from essentially every source: from draft insiders to siblings, the Oakland Raiders are catching up with the rest of the pack. Two more names to add to the list are wide receiver/quarterback Eddie McGee and linebacker Bani Gbadyu. They'll join Sterling Moore and Alan Pelc as the newest undrafted rookie free agents to be brought in. 

Eddie McGee, a wide receiver for the Illinois Fighting Illini, was among the first to come to terms with the Silver and Black. There's a lot of good vibes around McGee around scouting reports and the like. He's an all-around athlete who filled in at quarterback and anywhere he was needed for most of his college career before asking his coach to be moved to wide receiver. In the NFL, he'll be considered a "dual threat" kind of guy, and he'll do it all without question, but he hopes to make his money catching footballs, not throwing them.

Bani Gbadyu is a linebacker with a chip on his shoulder from Penn State. This piece reflects his journey to this point and the character aspects that make a good football player, but what about his talent on the field? Wes Bunting has some good information in that regard:

A short, thick linebacker who is built like a fire hydrant. Showcases some natural range in his drop with above-average closing speed when asked to run sideline-to-sideline. However, is slow to decipher information in the pass game at this stage and just doesn't trust 100% exactly what he's seeing. Isn't real instinctive when asked to read his run/pass keys, either, which can be expected of a guy who hasn't started much over the course of his career ... Impression: An above-average athlete, but it just hasn't clicked for him yet mentally at this stage.

Two guys with a lot of athletic talent, but it's a lot of raw material to be working with. Time will tell if they're camp bodies who can make the occasional thing happen, or diamonds in the rough.