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Oakland Raiders Need a Veteran Wide Receiver, Ravens to Cut Derrick Mason, Match Made in Heaven?

With such a shortened timetable for free agency, there is not much room for speculation and innuendo, but that has never stopped me before.

The Oakland Raiders’ receiving corps is full of young and inconsistent talent. While there is a ton of potential on the team, there is also a lot of fear that the talent will not develop into quality NFL players. For two years now, many have been calling for the Raiders to get a veteran wide receiver who can help the young guns learn how to harness that talent and turn it into production.

With news that Baltimore plans on cutting Derrick Mason, the Raiders may have found their perfect match. Mason is an experienced veteran with a lot of talent. On top of that he thrived in a run first offense while he was in Baltimore and would be able to teach the Raiders receivers how to do the same thing in Oakland.

A lot would need to happen before this match could be made, but if the Raiders are serious about improving their passing game, getting a guy like Mason that Jason Campbell could lean on would be key.