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Camp Alex 49ers Minicamp Returns With Most Offensive Players On Hand

The San Francisco 49ers began their second offensive minicamp coordinated by quarterback Alex Smith on Tuesday morning. Although defensive players were invited to attend and several showed up, this minicamp is about continuing the learning and implementation of the new Jim Harbaugh offensive playbook.

The offensive players received copies of the playbook during the one day in which the lockout was stayed in April. From that the players have been able to begin learning the language of Coach Harbaugh’s playbook and some of the basics. Alex Smith has been operating as de facto offensive coordinator as the team attempts to gain some level of knowledge before training camp opens at a time still to be determined.

Here is a rundown of the offensive players that were in attendance on day one of the second minicamp:

QB: Alex Smith, David Carr, Colin Kaepernick

OL: Joe Staley, Adam Snyder, Alex Boone, Mike Person, Mike Iupati

WR: Michael Crabtree, Kyle Williams, Josh Morgan, Lance Long, Kevin Jurovich, Ronald Johnson, Ted Ginn

RB: Anthony Dixon, Moran Norris

TE: Vernon Davis, Delanie Walker

Michael Crabtree is the name most people were looking for at this minicamp. He arrived and was out with the team on the field. In an amusing moment that got fans all hot and bothered, Crabtree left the field after the class room session with many people assuming he was done for the day. Instead he was simply getting his cleats and returning to the field. He didn’t run a lot of routes but he was with his quarterbacks looking over some practice notes.

Colin Kaepernick was on hand, choosing to attend the minicamp instead of the NFLPA’s rookie symposium. Since recovering from a leg surgery last month, Kaepernick has begun taking snaps and dropping back, and this minicamp provides a chance to run some plays from the playbook. Apparently he’s already flashed the arm strength that scouts gave high marks.