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Proposed Salary Cap Could Put the Oakland Raiders in a Very Bad Position

As many already know, before the NFL Lockout occurred, Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis did what many thought was very wise at the time. Knowing the Raiders would have many key players potentially hitting the free agent market, Davis re-signed a few of the more important players, including Richard Seymour, Kamerion Wimbley, Stanford Routt and John Henderson.

However, as the conclusion to the lockout nears and details of the eventual deal are being leaked to the press, the Raiders are beginning to look like they may regret some of the bigger contracts handed out earlier this offseason. All said and done, the contracts the Raiders signed before the lockout began total $85.48 million.

John Clayton of ESPN reportsthat if the cap number of $120 million is accurate, and the new CBA does not exclude "dead money" for players whose contracts were voided, the Raiders could be in serious trouble.

The Raiders have $26 million in "dead money", which if the CBA counts towards the cap, will put the Raiders over the ceiling of $120 million. That would mean that instead of going out and signing players to fill key holes in their roster, the Raiders may be looking at having to cut players from their roster to get under the cap.

Also, lets not forget that the Raiders still need to sign all of their rookies. If these numbers turn out to be true, the Raiders could be in a world of hurt when the new CBA is passed.

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