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AEG Discusses Los Angeles Stadium Relocation With Oakland Raiders, Others

The Oakland Raiders have often been the butt of jokes regarding their moves back and forth between Oakland and Los Angeles. Well, it might be time to dust off some of those jokes again. AEG President Tim Leiweke told the OC Register that AEG has been in contact with several teams, including the Oakland Raiders about potentially moving into the Los Angeles football stadium (tentatively called Farmer's Field) that is currently in the works. The other teams discussed were the Minnesota Vikings, San Diego Chargers, St. Louis Rams, and Jacksonville Jaguars.

In discussing AEG's plans, Leiweke said that Philip Anschutz is prepared to acquire a majority stake in a franchise to bring a team to Los Angeles. Additionally, AEG is prepared to pay the cost for an NFL franchise to get out of their current lease to move to LA.

There is a lot that needs to be done to move a franchise anywhere, but these are certainly big first steps. The potential involvement of the Raiders is interesting to consider particularly the unlikeliness of Al Davis being willing to sell his stake in the team. Of course, the article does't say Anschutz has to own the team so it remains to be seen how necessary that might be to get a team to LA.

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