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49ers QBs Running Low On Wide Receivers In Practice

The San Francisco 49ers players have had a variety of workouts going on around the country as players figure out ways to stay in shape and get ready for the eventual return of NFL football. The largest single contingent of players has been the 15 or so players that have been practicing in the South Bay. That group has gotten a bit smaller at times as players spend more time working out closer to home.

Now word comes that the team had three wide receivers on hand yesterday to catch passes from three quarterbacks. Kyle Williams, Kevin Jurovich, and an unnamed San Jose State wide receiver worked with Alex Smith, Colin Kaepernick, and David Carr as the team tries to get in any sort of reps.

The NFL has players spread all over the country and there have been a variety of mixed group workouts based on location. Patrick Willis and Dashon Goldson spent some time in LA working out. Kyle Williams (formerly of Arizona State) has split time between Arizona and the Bay Area. It’s a unique situation resulting in players adjusting on the fly as they try to figure out how best to operate in the hazy situation that is the 2011 NFL Lockout.