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The Value Of Michael Crabtree Reporting To South Bay 49ers Player Workouts

Earlier this week word spread that 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree would be ditching his Dallas home to join some of his 49ers teammates working out in the South Bay during the lockout.

Although a vast majority of the team has been absent from workouts, there has been concern among 49ers fans about Crabtree’s absence in particular. Crabtree has missed the last two preseasons due to his rookie holdout and an injury that raised eyebrows last year. In missing this essential preparation time the last two years, Crabtree has not helped himself in developing chemistry with his quarterback(s). Crabtree is a phenomenal natural talent, as shown by how well he performed after his rookie holdout. However, chemistry with his quarterback would only boost his performance.

Although these lockout workouts are not an equal replacement for OTAs and minicamps, they can still help develop team chemistry. While it remains to be seen how this will all play out, one could argue this kind of workout time between Alex Smith and Michael Crabtree could do wonders for their professional relationship.