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NFL Draft 2011: Raiders Draft Another Receiver, David Ausberry In Seventh Round

The Oakland Raiders actually went with a slower pick this time around, when they brought in David Ausberry, the wide receiver from USC with the 241st overall pick. He's the second wide receiver the Raiders have brought in for this draft, and the third receiving target (Denarius Moore, Richard Gordon). Ausberry is a running back/wide receiver hybrid who did a little bit of everything in his college career. 

Ausberry does have an injury history, but he's not a guy that figures to get a lot of playing time initially. When the ball was thrown his way, he illustrated sure-hands and did a decent job against corners, but his ceiling is all over the place. Is he somebody who can see the field in the first year? Probably not. Is he somebody who can eventually become a contributor? He certainly is, and for now we'll consider him a practice squad hopeful who could probably be something if he polishes his route running and finds an ability to show up on a more consistent basis.

That wraps up the Oakland Raiders picks in the 2011 NFL Draft.