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NFL Draft 2011: Raiders Draft Tight End Richard Gordon In Round Six

Zach Miller could be departing in free agency, and that eliminates the Oakland Raiders' number one receiving target. So much can be said about Miller's value to the team, and they absolutely needed to address the tight end position in this draft. It didn't come until the sixth round, when they made Richard Gordon out of Miami the181st pick. He's likely not the day-one replacement for Miller, but he has a lot of upside and could contribute early on.

Gordon is another athletic guy, once again. The Raiders are sticking to their guns at this point, but they're also picking players who fit and could be good. He's got good size and speed, and most importantly: he's sure-handed and could end up being reliable for quarterbacks who may or may not be struggling with less-than-stellar receiving targets ... doesn't that seem like a perfect fit at this point?

Still, despite the fact that he's supposed to have good hands, he wasn't thrown to much at all in college and that may be due to extremely lacking route running. He needs some good coaching.