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2011 NFL Draft Results, Day Two: AFC West Continues To Draft Well Around Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders stayed put for the most part and didn't move up in the second round, nor in the first, but they ended up coming out alright for themselves after tall. They drafted a couple big, high-potential offensive linemen, and they're both very smart picks at this point. I have to give them an A for their draft working with what they have, but what about the rest of the AFC West? These teams are getting better

Denver Broncos draft Rahim Moore, S, UCLA with the 45th overall pick, Orlando Franklin with the 46th overall pick and Nate Iriving, LB, N.C. State with the 67th overall pick

Moore is one of the only bright spots in a very weak safety class, and the Broncos did very well by bringing him in. They need help on the back-end, and Moore can come in right away - with the tutoring of Brian Dawkins, he could be very good, very fast. This is a great value pick here at 45, a pick they acquired from the San Francisco 49ers in a trade. Franklin is also great value at this point and can play all line positions ... the Broncos will use him, he'll probably start from day one somewhere along the line. Again, keeping in line with value, Irving is a huge value, but doesn't fill much of a need. Regardless, this is an 'A' for the Broncos.

San Diego Chargers draft Marcus Gilchrist, DB, Clemson with the 50th overall pick, Jonas Mouton, LB, Michigan with the 61st overall pick, Vincent Brown, WR, San Diego St. with the 82nd overall pick, and Shereece Wright, DB, USC with the 89th overall pick

It's clear the Chargers needed to address their secondary, and they go with two guys who can actually play either cornerback or safety with Gilchrist and Wright. Most people liked Wright, but he suffered an injury at his pro day, but if he makes a full recovery, he can be a good corner for San Diego, while Gilchrist is probably better suited as a safety. With Mouton, they get a special teamer with not much upside, and Brown is a sure-handed receiver who will be good for maybe a catch a game. This is a 'B' for the Chargers.

Kansas City Chiefs draft Rodney Hudson, OL, Florida St. with the 55th overall pick, Justin Houston, LB, Georgia with the 70th overall pick and Allen Bailey, DL, Miami with the 86th overall pick

The Chiefs have the workings of a very young, very strong offense on their hands, and Hudson is the kind of guy you want on your offensive line. He can play any of the three interior positions and will start from day one. Justin Houston suffered a huge fall due to character concerns, so the Chiefs get a first round talent in round three. He'll be dominant, you can bet on that. Bailey is also very solid value here. Any way you spin it, it's an 'A+' day for the Chiefs.