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NFL Draft 2011: Scouting Report For Stefen Wisniewski, The Newest Oakland Raider

It wasn't the sexiest pick, and it definitely wasn't Colin Kaepernick, but the Oakland Raiders stuck to their guns and went with huge value and took Stefen Wisniewski out of Penn State. He'll immediately start along the interior of Oakland's line, probably at center, and he's the best guy in the draft for that. It wouldn't be crazy to see "Wiz" making Pro Bowls almost immediately.

Mocking The Draft had some notes on him recently, so I'll list some of that below:

Wisniewski was mostly used as a right guard as a senior while playing center earlier in his career. The middle is his best spot as it allows him to rely more on his smarts and quickness. When Wiskniewski has to stay in a telephone booth, he has trouble because he's not the strongest player. Comes from a football family. His father played three years for the Colts and his uncle was an eight-time Pro Bowl player for the Raiders. Was a three-time Athletic All-American.

• Is quick to get the snap off and engage his man. Has quick hands to get up and inside his opponent.

• Was a three-year starter who plays with a lot of instincts. Knows to how to pick up complex defensive plays and makes the line adjustments.

• Moves around fairly well and should fit nicely on a zone blocking team or one that uses its interior linemen moving forward.

• Doesn't work laterally that well, though, and might not be very effective on pulls to the corner.

• Maintains good balance on the move to find and attack linebackers. Has quick feet to change direction and fire into a defender.

• Doesn't have a great amount of strength and will get pushed back by power linemen. Has a frame to add bulk, though.

• Relies on technique and leverage to hold his position. Needs to get better at dropping his hips and holding his position on in-line pass protection.

It's a pick that should pay off immediately for the Raiders.