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Todd McShay's 2011 Mock Draft, Final Edition: Seven Rounds Of FURY, OK Six For The Raiders

Todd McShay and Scouts published what appears to be their final 2011 NFL Mock Draft and they are projecting out all seven rounds. I’d love to see what kind of percentage of accuracy we see from McShay’s mock, both by specific players and even just specific positions for each team.

In mocking through seven rounds, there are certainly some intriguing picks. Here is a rundown of the seven players he has the Raiders selecting in the 2011 NFL Draft.

#48: CB Johnny Patrick, Louisville
#81: S Joseph Lefeged, Rutgers
#113: OG David Arkin, Missouri State
#148: TE Jordan Cameron, USC
#181: WR Aldrick Robinson, SMU
#219: QB Nathan Enderle, Idaho
#241: OT Michael Smith, Nebraska

One drawback to almost any mock is the lack of trades, which are one way the NFL Draft gets thrown into some manner of chaos each year. Without trades, no mock is going to be anywhere close to 100% accurate, so we’ll see how accurate this kind of exercise can really be.

For the Raiders, there are huge question marks at cornerback with the pending free agency of Nnamdi Asomugha. Throw in the uncertain status of Zach Miller and tight end is also a big question mark. It leaves the Raiders in the unenviable position of having to play some guessing games.