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NFL Draft 2011: Oakland Raiders Want Back In First Round, Colin Kaepernick The Target?

As noted, the Oakland Raiders do not have a first round pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, and in fact, Richard Seymour represents what would be their round one selection. They don't pick until the second round, but they would like to change that, rest assured. Many reports have surfaced on that note, but one could come to the conclusion themselves: the Raiders are not going to be complacent tonight. Word is, they've got their eyes on a few prospects, and could be very interested in moving back up. With the new head coach and an excellent draft in 2010, the Raiders need momentum on their side.

They're said to be interested in Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick and Colorado cornerback Jimmy Smith, but their pick in the second round likely wouldn't cut it when it comes to acquiring either of these two players. Kaepernick will go at the end of the first, or teams will scramble to get him at the beginning of the second. Smith could go in the top fifteen or the back-end of the third round, it all depends on his character issues. Those same character issues could have taken Smith off their board, according to the Chronicle's Vittorio Tafur.

Kaepernick is said to be the team's number one quarterback, and even with Jason Campbell under contract, they'd like to be aggressive and get him. He's a hard-working guy who will come in and immediately be a positive influence in the locker room ... essentially, he's a great fit for the Raiders. His ceiling is high, his potential is there, and that's why the Raiders would need to make moves to get him, because there are surely plenty of teams interested.

There are plenty of teams at the back-end of the draft who could be interested in trading: Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles, to name a few. Now we just wait and see if Al Davis can put something together.