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Oakland Raiders 2012 Super Bowl Odds, 2011 Week 1 Odds

The 2011 NFL schedule has been released, which means those with certain financial interests in the week-to-week occurrences in the NFL can get things going. The release of the Oakland Raiders 2011 schedule means we now have both 2012 Super Bowl Odds and odds for the Raiders first week matchup. There may not be a CBA, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some entertainment value out of a hypothetical season!

As it currently stands, has the Oakland Raiders going off at 40/1 to win the Super Bowl. That leaves them third among their division, with the San Diego Chargers at 12/1, the Kansas City Chiefs at 35/1 and the Denver Broncos at 60/1. The Raiders Super Bowl odds aren’t all that high in this regard, but every year the NFL has a team or two that surprises folks. If the Raiders can build on the positive steps they made last year, maybe they can surprise some folks?

The folks at have also posted preliminary week one NFL odds, in spite of the fact that week one is indefinitely on hold. According to their odds, the Raiders are 1 1/2 point underdogs in their season-opening road contest at the Broncos. It’s impossible to tell exactly what either team will look like come week one, but as things currently stand, it might be worth taking the Raiders money line at this point.