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Former Raider JaMarcus Russell Faces Foreclosure On Oakland Home

Former Oakland Raiders number one overall pick JaMarcus Russell shockingly might be in financial trouble. Foreclosure proceedings have begun on Russell's home in Oakland after he failed to pay $195,512.05 in mortgage payments. He apparently has three months to make the back payments or the home will be put up for sale on the auction block. The home cost $2.4 million so get your checkbooks ready. I have to imagine Raiders fans would want to make some kind of appearance at this auction if just for entertainment value.


When Russell was drafted out of LSU he agreed to terms on a six year contract that could have paid him upwards of $68 million. Furthermore he was guaranteed at least $32 million in the original deal. It was the richest deal in NFL history at the time and is one of the contracts NFL owners wave around as an example of why a rookie salary scale is needed. By the time Russell was waived by the Raiders last year he had made somewhere in the neighborhood of $35-$40 million from that contract. That'll pay for a lot of sizzurp.