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NFL Hall Of Fame Class of 2011 Includes Deion Sanders, Marshall Faulk, Richard Dent

The Pro Football Hall of Fame officially announced their 2011 Hall of Fame Class on NFL Network today. It was fitting that NFL Network covered the announcement because two of the inductees, Deion Sanders and Marshall Faulk, work for NFL Network. Your 2011 NFL Hall of Fame induction class includes:

Richard Dent
Marshall Faulk
Chris Hanburger
Les Richter
Ed Sabol
Deion Sanders
Shannon Sharpe

The Raiders were hosed as Tim Brown did not make the first cutdown from 15 to 10 and we’ll have plenty of discussion on that topic. It absolutely blows my mind that he didn’t even make that initial cutdown while Andre Reed made it to the group of ten (but missed the final cutdown). Tim Brown will eventually be inducted into the Hall of Fame, but clearly it’s going to take several tries before that happens.

The 49ers are “represented” by Deion Sanders and Richard Dent. I put represented in quotation marks because both Sanders and Dent were one-year 49ers on the superstar-laden 1994 team that rolled to the Super Bowl. Congratulations to both men, as well as the rest of the class for what is an incredibly prestigious honor.