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Oakland Raiders Apply Franchise Tag To Kamerion Wimbley, Sign Stanford Routt To Contract Extension

The Oakland Raiders have been a very busy team as the collective bargaining agreement expiration date fast approaches. With a week remaining before a potential lockout, the Oakland Raiders officially placed the franchise tag on outside linebacker Kamerion Wimbley. Additionally, they agreed to terms with cornerback Stanford Routt on a three year contract extension worth $31.5 million.

As Jason LaCanfora points out in a tweet, it really is tough seeing the Raiders lay out big cash for Nnamdi Asomugha after giving Routt such a sizable contract extension. I wouldn’t put anything past Al Davis, but even that seems like it would be a steep price to pay for a solid cornerback in Routt and then a great cornerback in Nnamdi.

The decision to franchise Wimbley would seem to indicate the Raiders think they can get a deal done with tight end Zach Miller. They also may view a new CBA as likely restricting his movement as a fourth year player. Either way, I would be pretty surprised if Miller was not a member of the Oakland Raiders in 2011. He’s been absolutely key to their offense and they would be foolish to let him walk.