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Oakland Raiders Coaching Staff: Chucky's Back, Bresnahan That Is

That’s right, Chucky is back on the Oakland Raiders coaching staff. This move clearly signals the Raiders will return to their dominant form the turn of the millennium from the last time Chucky was on board. Oh wait, it is Chuck Bresnahan and not Jon Gruded we are talking about.

Chuck Bresnahan, the Raiders defensive coordinator from 2000-2002, has traveled some miles since he left. He comes to the Raiders from the Florida Tuskers of the UFL, where he served as the defensive coordinator and linebacker coach.

Bresnahan was hired as the linebackers coach for the Raiders. It is certainly worth noting that the Raiders do not yet have a defensive coordinator. They may have their target set on the Super Bowl.

It has been rumored that the Raiders are interested in Green Bays secondary coach, Darren Perry as well as their linebackers coach, Winston Moss. These same two men are also likely being targeted for the Phildelphia Eagles defensive coordinator job.

If the Raiders are unable to hire one of these two guys, I would expect them to promote Bresnahan to the coordinator position. Here is to hoping they land one of the guys from Green Bay. While I do not think Bresnahan is horrible, it would be nice to get some fresh meat in the spot and have Bresnahan’s experience assisting him.