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Raiders Vs. Packers: Hue Jackson Says Jacoby Ford, Denarius Moore Will Have To Practice Friday To Play Sunday

The Oakland Raiders have been the walking wounded for much of this season, but they have managed to hang around the playoff chase, even as they deal injuries to their biggest playmakers. The team has lost QB Jason Campbell, RB Darren McFadden, WRs Jacoby Ford and Denarius Moore, and RB Taiwan Jones for extended stretches over the last three months. While the Raiders are tied for first, one can only wonder how much longer they can hang around with all their banged up players.

Head coach Hue Jackson is growing visibly frustrated as he continues to get questions for which he has no answers. "When will Darren McFadden return?" "When will Denarius Moore be ready?" "Is Jacoby Ford going to practice today?" On Thursday, Jackson gave a very simple answer to the question of when the injured group of players would play. The players would have to practice on Friday if they are going to play Sunday. He said he wants a player out running around with his teammates on the practice field before he gets out on the field on Sunday.

We'll be back Friday around lunch time with updates on whether any of the Raiders walking wounded is able to practice. The Raiders need every last man if they want to hang with a prolific Packers offense.

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