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Rolando McClain Update: Hue Jackson Will Come Down Hard on Raiders LB If NFL Suspends Him

Oakland Raiders middle linebacker Rolando McClain was active for Sunday's game against the Miami Dolphins, a few days after he had been arrested in connection with a gun being fired in Decatur, Alabama. The Raiders conducted their own investigation into the incident and based on what the team was told, Hue Jackson was comfortable activating McClain.

Hue Jackson spoke with the media on Monday and had a few comments about McClain and his status moving forward (Steve Corkran with the tweets). Jackson told the media he spoke with McClain and gathered information independent of McClain to make his decision for Sunday. He believes when all the facts he heard come out, people will view the incident differently.

At the same time, Jackson knows there is the possibility someone could be lying in this wbole thing, which could change what he has learned. He said that if the NFL ends up suspending McClain because of something Jackson has not learned, McClain will feel his full wrath. I suspect that if McClain lies to Jackson about any of the incident, he could very easily be let go. That is not to say McClain is lying, but it is something to keep in mind depending on how this plays out.

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