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Broncos Vs. Vikings: Denver Climbs Into First Place Tie With Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders went into Miami hoping to maintain their one-game lead over the Denver Broncos, or maybe even extend it to two games. Unfortunately that was not the case. The Raiders took one on the chin as they lost 34-14. The game wasn't even that close as the 49ers added both touchdowns in the fourth quarter after already trailing 34-0. Up in the great white north, the Denver Broncos continue their insane recent run as they won another fourth quarter comeback with a 35-32 win over the Minnesota Vikings.

The Broncos got a solid effort from Tim Tebow who completed 10 of 15 passes for 202 yards and two touchdowns while only rushing for 13 yards. Willis McGahee put together a strong performance with 111 rushing yards and a touchdown. The defense struggled mightily, but they held on just long enough to get Matt Prater a chance to kick a pair of field goals in the final 1:33 to get the win.

The Broncos now sit tied for first with the Raiders at 7-5 in the AFC West. Since the Raiders and Broncos split their season series, the first tiebreaker is divisional record. Right now the Broncos are 3-2 and the Raiders are 2-2. However, the Raiders could be in danger of dropping a game back in week 14. The Raiders travel to Green Bay to face the undefeated Packers while the Broncos host the struggling Chicago Bears. The Bears still have a strong defense and great special teams, but their QB situation is abysmal with Caleb Hanie, and now they might be without Matt Forte due to an MCL sprain.

The Raiders will head into Green Bay hoping for a minor miracle, but will more realistically hope Denver trips up against the Bear.