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Raiders vs. Chargers: Oakland Could Have Two Key Players Back to Face San Diego

The Oakland Raiders, much like the rest of the NFL, have been riddled with injuries this season. Fortunately for the Raiders, they could be getting two of those players back just in time for the season finally with the San Diego Chargers on New Years day.

Both wide receiver Jacoby Ford and free safety Michael Huff were back at practice Wednesday, and both look like they could play for the first time in weeks on Sunday.

Between the two, Michael Huff is much closer to being ready to play and is much closer to being 100%. In fact, he claims to be at 137%. Huff is one of the best players in a very poor secondary for the Raiders. While back up Matt Giordano has played very well in Huff's absence, he just is not as good of a player as Huff. If Huff comes back in time for Sunday's game it should mean a lot to the Raiders as they take on a potent passing attack.

While Jacoby Ford is not yet at 100% and likely will not be 100% by game time, even a Ford at 75% would make a huge difference for the Raiders. When Denarius Moore came back against the Lions, he was far from 100% and did not play as much as he would have if he was completely healthy. However, despite that fact, his presence on the field alone forced the Lions defense to account for him. Plus, with both of these speedsters, running at 75% speed is still faster than a whole lot of corner backs in the league.

As the Raiders fight to make the playoffs, having these two players back will make a world of a difference against San Diego. Here is to hoping they can both get on the field Sunday.