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NFL Playoff Picture: Oakland Raiders Cheering For T.J. Yates And Kyle Orton

The NFL released the final official playoff scenarios for Week 17, which features one of the craziest finishes in recent memory. There are four playoff spots secured, and five teams left to battle for the final two spots. The Oakland Raiders sit at 8-7 and have a chance at both the AFC West division title and the final AFC wild card spot. Here are the official Raiders scenarios:

Oakland clinches AFC West division with:

1) OAK win + DEN loss or tie OR

2) OAK tie + DEN loss

Oakland clinches a playoff spot with:

1) OAK win + CIN loss + TEN loss or tie OR

2) OAK win + CIN loss + NYJ win

The Titans are the ones gumming up the works for the Raiders at this point. The Bengals and Broncos are in the way, but they have legit tiebreakers. The Titans would win a strength of schedule tiebreaker against Oakland if the Jets lose to the Miami Dolphins, so Oakland is now rooting for some combination of the Texans, Jets and Chiefs.

This is all assuming the Raiders can beat the San Diego Chargers. The Chargers are out of the playoff chase so it is possible they just won't give a crap. On the other hand, they know they can block the Raiders playoff opportunity and that might be a nice cap to a disappointing season for the Chargers.