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VIDEO: Raiders Fake Field Goal Touchdown Run Waved Off Due To Delay Of Game

If you had any doubts about what it was like to be an Oakland Raiders fan, their Week 16 game against the Kansas City Chiefs is becoming just as nail-biting and tough to watch as most members of Raider Nation probably expected.

In a play that was an example of the entire Raiders season, Sebastian Janikowski came onto the field to attempt a 53-yard field goal. The snap came and the play turned into a fake field goal that appeared to be a touchdown run by tight end Brandon Myers. The Raiders celebrated for a moment before the officials called off the play and awarded the Raiders a five-yard penalty due to delay of game. On the replay, it was clear that the Raiders snapped the ball well after the play clock reached zero.

Janikowski then attempted the 58-yard field goal, which was straight but hit the crossbar and was ruled no good.

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