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Raiders vs. Chiefs, Injury Update: Darren McFadden, Jacoby Ford, Jason Campbell

Still a whole lot of bad news coming from Oakland Raiders practices these days as Silver and Black insider Steve Corkran had some not so cheerful tweets coming from Wednesday's media portion of practice in Oakland. 

First off, we start with this tweet: 

not incredibly shocking, yet still highly disheartening. Corkran would continue to mention how any sign of Run DMC this week was unfathomable, and his outlook the rest of the way this year is grim. McFadden was looking like he could have had himself one monster of a season, but now, all he can really do is focus on his health and his future as a football player. 

Next, we move on to this tweet

More disheartening news, because he too was having himself a decent season. But with the price paid to get Carson Palmer and Terelle Pryor in waiting, Campbell will unfortunately be the odd man out next season. 

And finally, an update on Jacoby Ford

Ford's elusively speedy kick returning skills are really hampering Oakland's special teams attack, setting up Carson Palmer and the offense in less the opportune situations more often in his absence. Hopefully he can get it going again this week, at least start returning to practice. 

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