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Raiders vs. Chiefs: Darren McFadden, Jacoby Ford Both Seen Jogging at Practice

The Oakland Raiders offense has been riddled with injuries this season and two of their best offensive weapons are still not ready to get back on the field. However, after missing more than a month of practice, both Jacoby Ford and Darren McFadden were seen jogging at practice on Wednesday.

The fact that these two are jogging is not overly exciting news. There is little hope that either will be able to return this week, and some doubt that either will be able to return before the end of the season. However, it is promising to see them doing something other than sitting on the sidelines or working with trainers. Both of these players are major parts of the Raiders future. While this season may be over for them, it is important that they be able to recover fully from their injuries so that they can contribute to the team in 2012.