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Rolando McClain Arrested: Hue Jackson Discusses Sunday

A day after linebacker Rolando McClain was released from jail following his arrest for discharging a gun in public, Oakland Raiders head coach Hue Jackson addressed the situation with the media. There are numerous questions surrounding McClain's status moving forward with the most pressing being what will happen this Sunday against the Miami Dolphins.

John Dickinson was at Jackson's Friday press conference and was able to tweet out some of the important comments from the head coach. Naturally, Jackson was extremely concerned about the situation, particularly given the details that are emerging from the alleged victim's claims. Jackson indicated he would not make a determination about McClain's status for Sunday until he has a chance to talk to him in person. Given that the team is about to get on a plane for Miami, it seems like Jackson and McClain will talk about the incident in Miami.

McClain has denied the charges through his lawyer and will get a chance to do so to Hue Jackson later today when the Raiders get to Miami. It is unknown whether simple denial and contrition will be enough to get him on the field on Sunday. If that is enough to get him on the field, you can be sure Jackson will not take too kindly to McClain if the young linebacker lies to him.

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