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VIDEO: Aaron Curry Fumble TD Return And Celebration For Oakland Raiders

Aaron Curry was considered a huge bust for the Seattle Seahawks with his lack of productivity as a starter. He didn't tackle or pass rush much, two things he was well-noted for coming out of college. When Curry was jettisoned this offseason to the Oakland Raiders, the decision seemed to make sense for all parties.

But Curry has found a second life in Oakland. And he has had some superb moments in the Raiders defense. He had one of the best today against the Detroit Lions. Check out the video of his remarkable playmaking after the jump.

With Detroit trailing 20-14, the Lions were pinned deep in their own territory and were facing a third down and long. Matthew Stafford went back to pass, but the pocket broke down and Tommy Kelly forced him toward the ground, stripping the football from his grasp. Curry scooped up the ball and ran straight into the end zone for the score.

Then he reveled.


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