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Denarius Moore Injury Update: Oakland Raiders Receiver Will Start Sunday, Unlikely To Return Punts

Oakland Raiders receiver Denarius Moore is ready to rejoin the team for the first time in four weeks following a strong week of practices with encouraging results. According to Vittorio Tafur of SFGate, Moore is feeling good and looking forward to rejoining the team.

The rookie's return should provide a much-needed boost to Oakland's offense, which has been struggling as of late. Still, Oakland's coaches are trying to make Moore's return as smooth as possible following his foot injury. They'll be easing Moore back into full-time action and responsibilities. As such, Moore is not expected to be making any punt returns on Sunday against the Detroit Lions. The movement on the returns is much more lateral and unexpected than typical routes, so the Raiders will be staying away from any activities that could unnecessarily aggravate the injury.

Bryan McCann is expected to act as Oakland's punt returner on Sunday.

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