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Oakland Raiders Head Coach Hue Jackson Gets A Pedicure During NFL Playoff Race

With the Oakland Raiders right in the middle of the playoff hunt, head coach Hue Jackson recently treated himself to a little rest and relaxation at a local salon. Photographed getting both a manicure and pedicure, Jackson showed a side of himself that fans seldom see. A no-nonsense disciplinarian on the field, we have to wonder if his players and fans will harass him playfully about his spa treatments.

We have the photos after the jump, along with a little commentary from a beat writer...

Here is the photo of Hue getting a pedicure, while this is one of him getting a manicure. The 'create-your-own-caption contests' are unlimited with these two pictures. Personally, I'd like to see what the head coach was reading while getting his pedicure.

Say what you will about the Raiders and their organization, they never, ever fail to give us something to read and write about.