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Darren McFadden Injury Update: Earliest Return Now Would Be Jan. 1

With only weeks left on the regular schedule, many folks wonder if Darren McFadden will be returning at all for the Oakland Raiders this season. His foot sprain that has haunted him for seven plus weeks now is still in progress, and now according to the Conta Costa Times, the earliest he could return is the January 1 finale against the San Diego Chargers.

Head coach Hue Jackson said with the week-to-week nature of Run DMC's injury and the hamstring injury of Taiwan Jones he would have considered bringing in another running back other that Michael Bush and veteran special teamer Rock Cartwright.  That time is passed now, and Jackson must deal with what he now has. 

Bush has been admirable in McFadden's absence, but not many in the league can replace a guy the caliber of McFadden. Hopefully the Raiders can get some wins leading up to the final week, and have a healthy McFadden for a potential playoff berth. 

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