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Jacoby Ford, Denarius Moore Injury Update: Both See Limited Action In Wednesday Practice

As The Oakland Raiders look to sneak their way into the playoffs this season they must have their playmakers healthy and back an the field first. Two of those aforementioned playmakers, Jacoby Ford and Denarius Moore, took part in Wednesday practice at team headquarters, though each is still not back to full strength.

According to Steve Corkran on Twitter, Denarius Moore is doing some light receiver work, getting his timing and route running back into form:

While Jacoby Ford is getting in some work with team trainers:

Although you can only infer so much from these tweets, it would seem logical that Moore is the more likely candidate to return this week than Ford seeing as he is back to doing actual football activities while Ford is still doing work with trainers. There's a lot of week left before their next game, hopefully enough time to get both of them back and healthy. 

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