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Darren McFadden Injury Update: Hue Jackson Says McFadden Does Not Need Surgery

Oakland Raiders coach Hue Jackson is definitely consistent. He has never wavered on his stance about his star running back Darren McFadden and the injury no one in the Bay Area can stop talking about.

Now, Jackson is letting everyone know that McFadden will not need surgery on his right foot, as's Steve Corkran writes.

"I just think how you describe it, based on one when you say Lisfranc, really means surgical," Jackson said. "You got to go in and fix it right away in order to get it to heal properly. That's why when people hear that term, everybody goes, ‘Oh, my gosh, that's what he has.' No, he does not need surgery. That much I do know. You guys can write that. Darren McFadden does not need surgery."

Jackson has tried to get people away from using the phrase ‘Lisfranc injury' since the connotation is negative. Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub's season is done this year due to a Lisfranc injury so Jackson is trying to steer clear of the lingo with it being fresh on people's minds.

"I've been told that he has a midfoot sprain, which is just like a Lisfranc sprain, however you see that," Jackson said. "It's the same. It's really one and the same. And I know one can require - both can require surgery. Both can require you to be out several, several weeks. So, they're all in that same family."

Michael Bush will remain the starting running back for the Raiders as they continue to wait for Darren McFadden to get healthy. Bush will likely start this weekend against the Detroit Lions as Oakland looks to right the ship in its attempts to return to the playoffs.

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