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NFL Playoff Picture: Oakland Raiders Drop Behind Denver Broncos In AFC West Race

The Oakland Raiders went into Lambeau Field and had a difficult road in trying to beat the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, and it became all but impossible with the struggles of Carson Palmer on Sunday. Oakland is now 7-6 on the season.

To make things worse, the Denver Broncos managed another improbable comeback behind Tim Tebow and some massive gaffes by the Chicago Bears, rallying from a ten point deficit in the final two minutes to win 13-10 in overtime thanks to two gigantic Matt Prater game-tying and game-winning 50+ yard field goals. Denver is now at 8-5.

Oakland is now a game behind Denver overall, and actually need to make up two games since the Broncos hold the tiebreaker. The Raiders are also a game behind in the wild-card picture with the New York Jets beating the Kansas City Chiefs; the Steelers/Ravens runner-up will be the obvious first wild-card, while the Jets are holding onto the second seed.

Oakland has some work to do now, and their hopes of winning the division are currently out of their hands.

To discuss the result with fans of either fanbase, go to Silver and Black Pride (Raiders) or Mile High Report (Broncos).