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Rolando McClain Released On Bail

Oakland Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain was released from a Decatur, Alabama jail Thursday afternoon after posting $2,000 bail. The release followed his arrest earlier Thursday for a variety of misdemeanor charges related to McClain allegedly discharging his gun following a fight. McClain is charged with discharging a gun in public within city limits, third degree assault, menacing and reckless endangerment. You can check out an explanation of the charges here.

McClain was in town for a family funeral when things got out of hand. The police released a statement containing the victim's allegations, but there has been no word yet from McClain as to his side of the story. A picture has emerged from when he was arrested and it only adds to the question marks about the entire incident.

There are very few answers at this point as the Raiders and NFL are not commenting about the situation. Given that the NFL often employs a guilty no matter what standard with its personal conduct policy, there is a very good chance Rolando McClain will face a suspension from the league. The Raiders could also choose to suspend McClain, but with no additional details out yet, it is hard to tell what kind of action will happen, and when it will happen.

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