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Raiders Linebacker Rolando McClain At Scene of Gunshots For Second Time In A Year

Oakland Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain found himself at the scene of a fight with reported gunshots on Wednesday night in his hometown of Decatur, Alabama,  though he was uninjured and without charges against him. Nevertheless, the fact that an NFL player is caught in crossfire in never a good thing, especially since it's the second time this year it's happened to him. 

McClain, the former University of Alabama standout, was in Decatur for a family funeral when a fight broke out around 10:20 p.m. Wednesday and gunshots were fired. Lt. John Crouch said that one person was injured in the fight and drove himself to the hospital, where he was later released. Crouch confirmed that McClain was indeed present and accounted for at the scene of the crime and that the incident is currently under investigation.

The Raiders noted that they were aware of the situation, though they had no further comments. 

This is the unfortunately the second incident involving McClain and bullets in Alabama over the last year.  Back in January, someone opened fire at McClain's Chevy. McClain told the police that shots were fired from a group of people standing on a corner, and that the gunmen was unknown. 

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