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Raiders Vs. Broncos: Coach Hue Jackson Unhappy About 'Uncalled For' Penalties

The Oakland Raiders suffered a surprising 38-24 loss to the visiting Denver Broncos on Sunday. The Raiders seemed to be getting called on penalties every time they turned around. At the end of the game, they'd been called for penalties 15 times and racked up 130 penalty yards. That's a tough sum to overcome, especially combined with Carson Palmer's three interceptions -- the only three turnovers of the entire game. Giving the ball away and giving up over a hundred yards to the opposing team on penalties is a terrible combination.

After the game, Raiders head coach Hue Jackson was vocal in his disappointment regarding the penalties. According to Jerry McDonald of the Mercury News, Jackson acknowledged that his team isn't playing terribly intelligently at the moment. He said that some of the penalties in Sunday's game were "uncalled for" and stressed that it's an issue he's well aware of.

"We're going to continue to address it. I don't want anyone to think we haven't. We emphasize it, and we're not going to stop. It might be Game 16 when we get it fixed, I don't know."

It's only halfway through the season, but the Raiders are already leading the NFL in both penalties and penalty yards. You can bet that the Oakland front office is hoping Jackson will fix the problem well before Game 16.

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